No Longer Undercover

Hey yall, so it’s been a hot minute, yeah?

See, I spent this spring applying for a position that was really important to me. Basically it would be the launch pad for my ideal career. No big, except if you know me at all, you know that I’m an HR nightmare. I’m the least politically correct or appropriate person ever…and sometimes usually, that includes what I write here, too.  But this job was really important to me, so while I was applying and interviewing I decided to go off the radar.

At least, in terms of social media.  I still used the internet and had running water and coffee and whatever else is required for being on the radar. But the blog went off the radar, and all my social media accounts became private af.  Aint’ nobody got time to lose a potential job because of all the offensive jokes they make on the internet.

Apparently it paid off, because spoiler alert: I got the position.  I’m thrilled (obviously), and while I haven’t started yet I’ve gotten to know the head of the department a bit. So far she seems to really like me and I’ve calmed down enough that I figure it’s safe to take this old blog back on the radar without too much risk to my current position or future employment opportunities.

Which is great, because there are so many things I’ve wanted to write about.  Some stuff funny, some more serious, some kind of off the wall.  More on that to come throughout the week.  (But of course, if you have ideas, hit me!)

For now, just know that this broad and this blog are back in action, and it’s about to be poppin’ up in here.

Or, at least, you know, it should be.  Last week I splurged and bought myself a bottle of tequila* and a 19-pound watermelon, so you know my summer has been off to a great start.

marg time

Basically me. At 3pm. On a Monday.

*Said tequila has thus far been used in the making of the delightful little summer treat called the ghettorita.  A ghettorita is a margarita, but ghetto style, because you’re poor as crap and buying the tequila was enough excitement for your wallet and you don’t need to be shelling out another $8 for a bottle of green margarita-flavored koolaid to mix with your tequila.  Plus making your margarita ghettorita from scratch is much classier and probably healthier. Fresher. More natural. One of those marketing buzzwords you see in Cooking Light magazine. I think.   Except the people in cooking light magazine probably aren’t mixing their clearance rack tequila with key lime flavored sparkling water and lime juice and trying to pass it off as a homemade margarita. But I think I’m going to name my ghettorita “The Slumdog Sipper.” (You know, in honor of my current apartment. Which is kind of ghetto and we call it Casa de Slumdog.)  It has a good ring to it, don’t you think?

I don’t know yall. I drink whiskey. This tequila stuff is hard.

batman marg

How I look trying to make margaritas and pretending I know what the hell I’m doing.


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